MCB- W1 is a waterborne flexible waterproof membrane designed for use under tiled finishes.

  • Technical Specifications
    ·     Class III membrane to AS4858
    ·     Complies with Building Code of Australia FP1.4 and FP1.7 and P2.2.2 and P.2.4.1
    ·     Complies with AS 3740
    ·     Low VOC content
    ·     Permanently flexible - accommodates cracking in substrate
    ·     Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
    ·     Dries to a keyed finish to promote adhesion with tile adhesives
    ·     Single pack
    ·     Quick drying
    ·     Safe and easy to use
    ·     No priming required
    ·     Designed for use with a 12mm bond-breaker


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