Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can SSP organise delivery of my stone?

    A SSP can arrange delivery to anywhere. Simply ask our salespeople and they will ensure Logistics arranges this for you when you require the stone

  • Does my stone require sealing?

    A SSP recommends all natural stone to be sealed. Depending on the stone, the environment and your choice of sealer, natural stone may require resealing every 2 – 10 years

  • Why does the colour and surface of natural stone vary?

    Natural stone is a product of nature and has been formed over millions
    and sometimes billions of years. No two pieces will be identical adding to the beauty and ascetically pleasing finish that natural stone provides

  • Can stone be used around my salt water pool?

    Almost all natural stone that SSP markets can be used around salt water
    pools. If your choice is a more porous product then an application of
    Synergy will be required. If it is a more dense stone then this will not be

  • What are my payment options?

    You can Direct Deposit, pay by VISA, Mastercard and American Express
    (3% Surcharge for American Express), Cheque, Cash or you can use GE Money.

  • Does Sealer change the slip resistance of my stone?

    With the correct choice of sealer, slip resistance is not affected

  • Why should I seal my stone?

    Sealer helps with the maintenance of natural stone to prevent unwanted stains and to help with the ease of cleaning your stone

  • Can you tailor order for me?

    Yes we can. SSP has two full time stone masons to tailor stone to your
    requirements. We can also special order for you from anywhere in the world.

  • How long will a special order take to come in from overseas?

    This will depend on where the material is coming from so between 6-16 weeks.

  • Does SSP sell Porcelain?

    Yes. SSP caters for the entire market with Natural Stone, Procelain,
    Ceramics, Glass and so on

  • Will SSP come to my site to assist with product selection?

    A SSP will have a sales representative visit your site for product
    selection at a time convenient to you within driving distance of one of its showrooms

  • Can I return over ordered goods?

    Yes you can. SSP charges a 20% Handling fee for returned goods but
    cannot accept the return of special or tailored material