100mm Ultra Drain

The Ultra Drain 100mm drain is a State-of-the-Art drainage system specifically designed for use around swimming pools, patios, tennis courts and anywhere that an aesthetically pleasing drainage system is required to collect and remove water.

These drains can be either locked into place between pavers or concreted in place, dependant on which application the Ultra Drain is being used.

Dimensions Available - 100mm width x 100mm depth x 1.8m length.

  • Base made of PVC, fluted for extra strength and weight.
  • Capable of withstanding domestic vehicles when set in concrete.
  • Smooth PVC base enhances water flow and assists self-cleaning. The alloy top for the 100mm drain comes with a 3mm fall to the centre aiding the water collection to the drain base.
  • All fittings are easily connected using PVC solvent glue.
  • PVC channel will maintain its form during construction due to a “poly-former” insert which is provided with each length.
  • Due to the design of the channel base, the drain should never move or float when set into concrete.
  • Top grating is extruded aluminium, anodized to marine grade specifications and is removable for cleaning purposes.
  • Abrasive resistant sandblasted top grating also available.
  • Accessories including 90 degree corners, lockable top, side and bottom outlets and a 250mm cleaning section are also available.

Download our Ultra Drain Brochure Here